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  • Porters
    Porters (2017)
    Deluded Simon Porter dreams of passing his medical exam and becoming a doctor - but by starting at the bottom, and becoming the best porter the NHS has ever seen. All he has to do is survive a few months grafting in a hospital basement and try not to kill any of the patients. How hard can that be?Ed must work alongside the cynical, self-styled "Queen of the Porters" Frankie, and naïve nurse Lucy.

  • Used Car Wars
    Used Car War...
    Used Car Wars (2017)
    Following the rivalry between competing car dealerships in Derby.

  • Celebrity Storage Hunters
    Celebrity St...
    Celebrity Storage Hunters (2016)
    Based on the US hit Storage Hunters, celebrities go head-to-head, bidding blindly on abandoned containers in the fiercely competitive, entertaining and cut-throat show.

  • Dave Gorman Modern Life is Goodish
    Dave Gorman ...
    Dave Gorman Modern Life is Goodish (2013)
    Dave Gorman performs a series of witty stand-up shows, exclusive to Dave. The bearded wonder takes a sideways look at the messages we receive every day.

  • Zapped
    Zapped (2016)
    Brian Weaver, an online data marketing assistant (even he doesn't know what that is) finds himself abruptly transported to a parallel world in Zapped. Fortunately, there's a pub. There he meets the owner, Herman (a former warrior) plus a handful of regulars: Barbara (a hopeless soothsayer), Steg (an armchair revolutionary) and Howell (a brain-fried Wizard). Brian is desperate to get home, and his new acquaintances are no help at all. Instead he finds himself being sucked into a world he doesn't understand, full of psychopathic Fairies, Shell Men, seductive Demi-Fins, vicious Throcks and the frighteningly unpredictable side-effects of Howell's magical powers. It's even worse than being an online data marketing assistant.

  • Unspun with Matt Forde
    Unspun with ...
    Unspun with Matt Forde (2016)
    Funnyman Matt Forde hosts this brand spanking new topical comedy show that injects a bit of humour into politics. It's so topical, it's recorded the day before airing!

  • Red Bull Soapbox Race
    Red Bull Soa...
    Red Bull Soapbox Race (2015)
    Coverage of the annual soapbox race events sponsored by Red Bull.

  • Dara O Briains Go 8 Bit
    Dara O Briai...
    Dara O Briains Go 8 Bit (2016)
    Dara O Briain returns to Dave and this time he wants to play some games with the likes of Russell Howard, Bob Mortimer, Rachel Riley, David James and Jason Manford. Based on the smash hit live Edinburgh show, Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit sees celebrities battle each other at a host of classic and contemporary games - everything from Star Wars Battlefront and Temple Run to Pong and Tetris. Well, we're game. Are you? (The answer is Yes. Yes you are).

  • Money Pit
    Money Pit
    Money Pit (2015)
    Jason Manford hosts the show in which forty strangers put their own money on the line in order to invest in fledgling businesses that may make them a fortune.

  • Dave Gorman Goodish Hits
    Dave Gorman ...
    Dave Gorman Goodish Hits (2016)
    Dave's very own UKTV original, critically-acclaimed series starring King Of The PowerPoint, Dave Gorman, is back with three new episodes revealing the best bits from all three series of Dave Gorman's Modern Life Is Goodish. There are also some scenes, which have never before been seen on British TV. As ever using his trademark blend of stand-up and documentary comedy, Dave flips open his laptop and once again fires up his PowerPoint to share more wry observations and frustrations. As these episodes prove, there isn't a better or more spot-on analysis of modern life.

  • Storage Hunters UK
    Storage Hunt...
    Storage Hunters UK (2014)
    You know and love the US version. Now brace yourselves as smash hit series Storage Hunters crosses the Atlantic.Original presenter and auctioneer Sean Kelly has packed up his gavel and headed across the pond to travel the length and breadth of the UK to unearth the hidden treasures of the country's disused storage units. As ever, the entertaining mix of blind bidders have no idea whatsover about what lurks inside the mysterious lock-ups and garages. There's one-up manship, strategic bidding and even a spot of intimidation as they try to tell the treasure from the trash. Let the bidding commence!

  • Alan Davies As Yet Untitled
    Alan Davies ...
    Alan Davies As Yet Untitled (2014)
    This Dave exclusive sees one of the country's favourite comedians do what he does best – be funny. But Alan Davies isn't on a stage, or behind his QI desk sparring with Stephen Fry, or even wearing his Jonathan Creek duffle coat… instead, this new series has Alan at his most relaxed and most natural – sitting around chatting with some of his best comedian friends.

  • Taskmaster
    Taskmaster (2015)
    Greg Davies is the Taskmaster, and with the help of his ever-loyal assistant Alex Horne, they will set out to test the wiles, wit, wisdom and skills of five hyper-competitive comedians; Frank Skinner, Josh Widdicombe, Roisin Conaty, Tim Key and Romesh Ranganathan. Who will be crowned the Taskmaster champion in this brand new game show?

  • Undercover
    Undercover (2015)
    Family. It can be the most important thing in the world. And it can also be a massive pain in the arse. Undercover, a brand new, original scripted comedy for Dave, is a high stakes action comedy about Chris (Daniel Rigby), a lonely, over analysing neurotic traffic police officer who finds himself hopelessly out of his depth when he infiltrates an Armenian crime family.

  • Off The Record
    Off The Reco...
    Off The Record (2015)
    Shot in the style of a documentary, the semi-improvised comedy Hoff The Record follows TV legend David Hasselhoff - playing a highly fictionalised version of himself.It's been thirty years since he rose to worldwide fame in Baywatch and Knight Rider and things have since gone a little stale for The Hoff. After five divorces and some misguided professional decisions, The Hoff is in the UK ready to star in a new independent film that could reboot his flagging career. But alarm bells start to ring when he gets the low budget treatment on arrival from the US.As his attempts at everything from fronting a charity to becoming a global peacemaker fall into disarray, can The Hoff get his career back on track and make sense of his increasingly surreal life?