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  • Eleanors Catch
    Eleanors Cat...
    Eleanors Catch 1916
    ELEANOR'S CATCH is a delightful short, directed by and starring Cleo Madison. A successful actress, Madison was one of many women who directed films at Universal, particularly in the mid 1910s. In this two-reeler, she stars as a young city girl dragged into a life of crime by a ne’er-do-well suitor. A terrific surprise ending gives Eleanor and Cleo an early claim to promoting women’s equality in the workforce.

  • The Rink
    The Rink
    The Rink 1916
    After amusements working in a restaurant, Charlie uses his lunch break to go roller skating.

  • Behind the Screen
    Behind the S...
    Behind the Screen 1916
    Charlie is an overworked labourer at a film studio who helps a young woman find work even while his coworkers strike against his tyrannical boss.

  • The Vagabond
    The Vagabond
    The Vagabond 1916
    After passing the hat and taking the donations intended for German street musicians Charlie heads for the country. Here he finds and rescues a girl from a band of gypsies. The girl falls in love with an artist whose portrait is later seen in a shop by the girl's real mother. The mother and the artist arrive in a chauffeured auto and offer Charlie money for his services, money which he rejects.

  • The Floorwalker
    The Floorwal...
    The Floorwalker 1916
    Chaplin, in his traditional Tramp persona, is a customer who creates chaos in a department store and becomes inadvertently entangled in the nefarious scheme of the store manager and the store's floorwalker to embezzle money from the establishment.

  • The Fireman
    The Fireman
    The Fireman 1916
    Charlie is a fireman who always does everything wrong. A man talks the Fire Chief into ignoring his burning home (he wants the insurance money) unaware that his daughter (the love of the Chief) is upstairs in the house. When the house next door catches fire its owner rouses Charlie who rouses the force.

  • The Count
    The Count
    The Count 1916
    The tailor's handyman (Chaplin) burns a count's trousers while ironing them and is fired. His superior discovers a note explaining the count can't attend a party, and dresses up like one to take his place. Chaplin also goes to the residence hosting the party, but runs into the tailor. They both then struggle to win the fair maiden, Miss Moneybags. Soon, Charlie is distracted by a gypsy girl and the tailor must fend off other suitors. The real Count finally arrives, learns of the imposters and calls the police.

  • One AM
    One AM
    One AM 1916
    A drunken homeowner has a difficult time getting about in his home after arriving home late at night.