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  • The Image
    The Image
    The Image 1969
    An artist's painting comes to life, and haunts him.

  • Swing High
    Swing High
    Swing High 1932
    The Flying Codonas, fourth generation of a family of trapeze artists, practice and perform amazing feats high in the air. Close-up and slow motion photography show how it's done.

  • A Blessing from the Sea
    A Blessing f...
    A Blessing from the Sea 2017
    When a boat-full of money is discovered by two Irish Moss harvesters, their decision to keep it leads them down a dark and violent path.

  • Taxi-Turvy
    Taxi-Turvy 1954
    Popeye and Bluto are taxi drivers; they are, of course, competing for fares - and Olive, in particular.

  • Paperman
    Paperman 2012
    An urban office worker finds that paper airplanes are instrumental in meeting a girl in ways he never expected.

  • Blood of the Beasts
    Blood of the...
    Blood of the Beasts 1949
    An early example of ultra-realism, this movie contrasts the quiet, bucolic life in the outskirts of Paris with the harsh, gory conditions inside the nearby slaughterhouses. Describes the fate of the animals and that of the workers in graphic detail.

  • Brain Divided
    Brain Divide...
    Brain Divided 2013
    Brain Divided is the story of an ordinary guy who meets a not-so-ordinary girl, but his brain cells can't agree on how to go about winning her over which leads to conflict and comedy!

  • Heaven Is a Traffic Jam on the 405
    Heaven Is a ...
    Heaven Is a Traffic Jam on the 405 2016
    Mindy Alper is a tortured and brilliant 56 year old artist who is represented by one of Los Angeles' top galleries. Acute anxiety, mental disorder and devastating depression have caused her to be committed to mental institutions undergo electro shock therapy and survive a 10 year period without the ability to speak. Her hyper self awareness has allowed her to produce a lifelong body of work that expresses her emotional state with powerful psychological precision. Through interviews, reenactments, the building of an eight and a half foot papier-mache' bust of her beloved psychiatrist, and examining drawings made from the time she was a child, we learn how she has emerged from darkness and isolation to a life that includes love, trust and support.

  • Inhumane
    Inhumane 2018
    A sadistic, small-town sheriff and his cronies brutalize a young woman and leave her for dead in the woods. Bitten by a werewolf and bestowed with supernatural abilities, can she retain her humanity as she exacts revenge?

  • Traffic Stop
    Traffic Stop
    Traffic Stop 2017
    Breaion King -- a 26 year-old African-American school teacher from Austin, Texas -- is pulled over for a routine traffic stop that escalates into a violent arrest. Dashcam clips intercut with verite scenes tell a story of racism in law enforcement through the eyes of one of its victims.

  • Puppy!
    Puppy! 2017
    The residents of Hotel Transylvania find their world turned upside-down when youngster Dennis gets a surprise monster-sized pet.

  • The Blockchain and Us
    The Blockcha...
    The Blockchain and Us 2017
    When the Wright brothers invented the airplane in 1903, it was hard to imagine there would be over 500,000 people traveling in the air at any point in time today. In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin and the blockchain. For the first time in history, his invention made it possible to send money around the globe without banks, governments or any other intermediaries. Satoshi is a mystery character, and just like the Wright brothers, he solved an unsolvable problem. The concept of the blockchain isn't very intuitive. But still, many people believe it is a game changer.

  • Antarctica  On the Edge
    Antarctica ...
    Antarctica On the Edge 2014
    Antarctica lives in our dreams as the most remote, the most forbidding continent on Planet Earth. It is a huge land covered with ice as thick as three miles, seemingly invulnerable, cold and dark for eight months of the year. Yet Antarctica is also a fragile place, home to an incredible variety of life along its edges, arguably the most stunning, breathtaking and still-pristine place on earth. The one constant is that it is constantly changing, every season, every day, every hour. I've been fortunate to travel to Antarctica many times; most recently with 3D cameras, a first for the continent. The result is our new film, Antarctica: On the Edge. —Jon Bowermaster

  • Great White Shark
    Great White ...
    Great White Shark 2013
    Documentary on Great White Sharks from the creators of PULSE, WILD OCEAN and THE LAST REEF.

  • Tornado Alley
    Tornado Alle...
    Tornado Alley 2011
    A team of storm chasers track a tornado.

  • Concorde A Supersonic Story
    Concorde A S...
    Concorde A Supersonic Story 2017
    Concorde: A Supersonic Story follows the story of the most glamorous aeroplane ever built - told by the people whose lives she touched. We uncover rare footage telling the forgotten row between the French and British governments over the spelling of Concorde which threatened to derail the whole project.

  • Screwball
    Screwball 2017
    Ryan is deep in the pressure-cooker of teenage virginity - wild with raw excitement and unspoken fear, in the arms of a lovely girl he cares about, without a clue what he's doing, and completely in awe of the all-powerful sex judge. Natalie is excited, nervous, excited again, nervous again, and - she thinks - just about ready to navigate a romantic evening alone with her boyfriend. Little do they anticipate the series of obstacles - both serious and ludicrous - that lie in their path: they have no idea just how badly - and then brilliantly - the night will turn out.

  • Stew and Punch
    Stew and Pun...
    Stew and Punch 2013
    A dinner party with beef stew and much punch spirals out of control when the host couple are sucked into a bout of light-hearted arm wrestling.

  • Long Shot
    Long Shot
    Long Shot 2017
    When Juan Catalan is arrested for a murder he insists he didn't commit, he builds his case for innocence around raw footage from a popular TV show, "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

  • Olafs Frozen Adventure
    Olafs Frozen...
    Olafs Frozen Adventure 2017
    A Christmas-themed special featuring characters from the Disney film, 'Frozen'.

  • Dont Let Them In
    Dont Let The...
    Dont Let Them In 2015
    Dan Metzger, a struggling author, consumed with the urban legend of the Black Eyed Kids, fears his obsession has led their evil to his door.

  • The Secret Life of Kyle
    The Secret L...
    The Secret Life of Kyle 2017
    After the events of Despicable Me 3, we follow Kyle and his secret life when Gru and his family are gone.

  • X Story
    X Story
    X Story 2016
    A guy equipped with the latest model of bionic power arm gets a map and a mysterious ball from a clandestine dealer, and begins the search for a treasure that is hidden inside an abandoned tower in the desert.

  • Kitten Witch
    Kitten Witch
    Kitten Witch 2016
    A precocious kitten wants to be a witch's familiar and must pass a test or she will forever be just simple cat, but the witch sees something in the kitten she does not expect.

  • Unremarkable
    Unremarkable 2016
    A journey of a woman's body who is shot and killed on a vacation with her family.