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End Game

Drama . Thriller

Vicious criminal Brad Mayfield takes pleasure in kidnapping, assault and murder. It is up to Officer Dan Burk to stop his lust for blood. The stakes of the game quickly rise when Burk becomes romantically involved with a beautiful woman who happens to be Mayfield’s next victim. When Burk’s daughter is kidnapped, the case goes from just a job to a race against time to save his family.

Actors: Kurt Angle , Jenna Morasca , Sam Nicotero , Eric Wright , I. Iwanonkiw , Asbury Lake , Natalie Bail
Directors: Bruce Koehler
Country: USA
Release: 2009-12-01
More Info:

  • killing

  • serial killer

  • murder

  • death

  • serial murderer

  • dead body in a freezer

  • starting a fire

  • pole dancing

  • dream sequence

  • motel

  • impersonating a police officer

  • dance class

  • child abduction

  • clown

  • boat

  • rough sex