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The Giraffe


Lena Katz, who is German, and David Fish, who is American, are Jews who live in New York. When Lena's mother, who arrives from Germany, meets her at a hotel, she finds an almost-dead woman lying on the hotel floor. She accompanies the injured woman to the hospital and meets David, who is the woman's son. After David's mother dies from the injuries, a question remains: was she murdered? The trail leads to Germany. Apparently, Lena's mother has some kind of relationship with David's mother that reaches back into the dark German history of the 1940s

Actors: Maria Schrader , Dani Levy , David Strathairn , Nicole Heesters , Lukas Ammann , Wichart von Roëll , David Warren Burke
Directors: Dani Levy , Maria Schrader
Release: 1998-09-14
More Info:

  • new york

  • jew

  • directed by star

  • male nudity

  • male frontal nudity

  • shower

  • female nudity

  • attempted kidnapping

  • jewish

  • identity theft

  • assault

  • murder

  • love

  • grandfather granddaughter relationship

  • false identity

  • fire

  • private detective

  • birthday party

  • mother son relationship

  • nazi

  • mother daughter relationship