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Behind Me


The twenty-something Betty comes to a remote small town and strikes a friendship with the fourteen-year old local girl Lea, who is fascinated by her new friend's tales of partying and living in the fast lane in the big city. Betty has ulterior motives for befriending the young girl, however.

Actors: Carina Caputo , Charlotte Legault , Éliane Gagnon , Patrice Dubois , Marie-Frédérique Ouellet , Thomas Michaud-Morin , Eliane Gagnon
Directors: Rafaël Ouellet
Country: CANADA
Release: 2008-09-05
More Info:

  • independent film

  • lesbian kiss

  • underage smoking

  • tragic ending

  • teenage girl in underwear

  • teenage girl in swimwear

  • strip club

  • sports bra

  • prostitution

  • pimp

  • drug use

  • cocaine use

  • bikini

  • betrayal of trust

  • stripper

  • female nudity

  • unlikely friendship

  • teenage prostitution

  • naive young woman

  • kafka esque

  • forced prostitution

  • female friendship

  • false friend

  • escort

  • country bumpkin

  • betrayal