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Band Waggon

Comedy . Music . Musical

A plot involving spies in a haunted castle gives this team of celebrated British wireless comedians plenty of scope for laughs.

Actors: Arthur Askey , Richard Murdoch , Pat Kirkwood , Moore Marriott , Freddy Schweitzer , Bruce Trent , Michael Standing , C.H. Middleton , Jasmine Bligh , The Sherman Fisher Girls , Jack Hylton and His Band
Directors: Marcel Varnel
Country: UK
Release: 1940-03-23
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  • 1. The Melody Maker Performer: Jack Hylton and His Band (uncredited), Pat Kirkwood (uncredited) and Chorus Stream Music Online
  • 2. The Only One Who's Difficult Is You Performer: Richard Murdoch (uncredited), Pat Kirkwood (uncredited) and Arthur Askey (uncredited) with Jack Hylton and His Band (uncredited) Stream Music Online
  • 6. Boomps-A-Daisy Performer: Pat Kirkwood (uncredited), Richard Murdoch (uncredited), Jack Hylton (uncredited) and Arthur Askey (uncredited) Stream Music Online
  • 7. Band Waggon (Theme Song) Performer: Chorus during the opening credits and at the end Stream Music Online
  • 9. Old King Cole Performer: Arthur Askey, Richard Murdoch and the trio of Charlie Forsythe, Stream Music Online

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