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A Walk in the Sun

War . Drama

In the 1943 invasion of Italy, one American platoon lands, digs in, then makes its way inland to attempt to take a fortified farmhouse, as tension and casualties mount. Unusually realistic picture of war as long quiet stretches of talk, punctuated by sharp, random bursts of violent action whose relevance to the big picture is often unknown to the soldiers.

Actors: Dana Andrews , Lloyd Bridges , Richard Conte , Richard Benedict , George Tyne , John Ireland , Sterling Holloway , Norman Lloyd , Herbert Rudley , Huntz Hall
Directors: Lewis Milestone
Country: USA
Release: 1945-12-25
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  • italy

  • world war ii

  • u.s. military

  • mental breakdown

  • stone wall

  • italian american

  • translation

  • reference to marlene dietrich

  • sicily invasion

  • sergeant

  • infantry

  • landing craft

  • world war two

  • battle fatigue

  • patrol

  • based on novel