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666 The Child


A jet liner plummets from the sky and crashes into the earth. From the burning embers rises one lone survivor - a small boy! But the childless couple that adopts him will soon discover he is no helpless child, but rather something very powerful, something very dark. This small boy is the Beast and with him he carries the Beginning of the End.

Actors: Adam Vincent , Sarah Lieving , Rodney Bowman , Nora Jesse , Booboo Stewart , Kim Little , Bob McEwen
Directors: Jack Perez
Country: USA
Release: 2006-06-06
More Info:

  • plane crash

  • blood

  • hospital

  • hit by a car

  • crushed to death

  • impalement

  • hallucination

  • chainsaw

  • power drill

  • lawnmower

  • finger cut off

  • severed finger

  • covered in blood

  • bitten in the neck

  • shot in the head

  • stabbed in the mouth

  • gore

  • offscreen killing

  • unfaithful husband

  • female nudity

  • stabbed in the eye

  • dentist

  • sex

  • good versus evil

  • reporter

  • priest

  • nun

  • digit in title

  • 666

  • evil child

  • number in title