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Monster From Bikini Beach

Horror . Comedy

MONSTER FROM BIKINI BEACH is the story of a primordial fiend who rises from the murky depths to quench its insatiable lust for Bikini-Clad Beauties. Will anyone save the Lovely Ladies of Camaroville from the beast's wanton rampage of total terror, or will they die trying?!

Actors: David Ainsworth , Betty Chiang , Sid Garcia-Heberger , Liesel Hanson
Directors: Darin Wood
Country: USA
Release: 2008-01-11
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  • 3. Azteca A Go Go Performer: Danny Amis with Lost Acapulco & Mexico City Brass Stream Music Online

  • crooked cop

  • drug dealer

  • scene after end credits

  • breasts

  • surprise after end credits

  • gunshot wound

  • detective

  • female nudity

  • go go dancing

  • crime scene

  • blood

  • explosion

  • bomb

  • dream sequence

  • mating ritual

  • reporter

  • silent henchman

  • evisceration

  • chase

  • knife fight

  • voice over narration

  • vomiting

  • marijuana

  • handfishing

  • shower

  • cocaine

  • dance contest

  • fictional city

  • gore

  • giant monster

  • journalist