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The Last Hard Men


In the early 20th century, some convicts while on a road gang escape and one of the convicts is Zach Provo, a half Indian, who was sent to prison during the latter part of the 19th century. He escapes with 6 others to exact vengeance on Sam Burgade the lawman who not only captured him but was also responsible for the death of Provo's wife, at least in Provo's mind. Part of his plan is to kidnap Burgade's daughter, which prompts him to strap on his guns and go after him on horseback. Can Burgade who has been retired for sometime still have what it takes to track Provo down?

Actors: Charlton Heston , James Coburn , Barbara Hershey , Jorge Rivero , Michael Parks , Larry Wilcox , Thalmus Rasulala , Christopher Mitchum
Directors: Andrew V. McLaglen
Country: USA
Release: 1976-04-22
More Info:

  • yuma prison

  • arizona rangers

  • escape

  • gore

  • violence

  • blood splatter

  • blood

  • cowboy boots

  • six shooter

  • revolver

  • pistol

  • winchester rifle

  • repeating rifle

  • knife

  • main character shot

  • main character dies

  • ambush

  • showdown

  • gunfight

  • shootout

  • campfire

  • tragedy

  • villain turns good

  • manhunt

  • pump action shotgun

  • opening action scene

  • shotgun

  • cowboy hat

  • cowboys and outlaws

  • cowboy

  • tied up

  • posse

  • half breed

  • navajo

  • man hunt

  • father daughter relationship

  • escaped convict

  • arizona

  • clothes ripping

  • kidnapping

  • rape

  • revenge

  • based on novel