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Carried Away

Drama . Romance

Based on Jim Harrison's book, "Farmer". 47-year-old Joseph Svenden lives on the family farm with his dying mother and teaches at a two room schoolhouse with Rosealee, his lover and his best friend's widow. Joseph, who lacks a college degree, learns that he will lose his teaching job at the end of the year when the school district expands into his town. Meanwhile, he is seduced by 17-year-old Catherine, a new student in his class. His affair with Catherine and losing his teaching job forces Joseph to take a look at his previously dull life and to decide how he wants to live the rest of it.

Actors: Dennis Hopper , Amy Irving , Amy Locane , Julie Harris , Gary Busey , Hal Holbrook , Christopher Pettiet , Priscilla Pointer , Gail Cronauer , Joe Stevens
Directors: Bruno Barreto
Country: USA
Release: 1996-05-31
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