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The One I Love

Romance . Comedy . Drama . Fantasy . Sci-Fi

On the brink of separation, Ethan and Sophie escape to a beautiful vacation house for a weekend getaway in an attempt to save their marriage. What begins as a romantic and fun retreat soon becomes surreal, when an unexpected discovery forces the two to examine themselves, their relationship, and their future.

Actors: Mark Duplass , Elisabeth Moss , Ted Danson , Kiana Cason , Kaitlyn Dodson , Lori Farrar , Marlee Matlin , Tim Peddicord , Ryan Pederson
Directors: Charlie McDowell
Country: USA
Release: 2014-08-08
More Info:
  • Geoff Berkshire

    Boasting spectacular performances from Duplass and Elisabeth Moss as a husband and wife on the brink of separation, this incredibly assured directorial debut of Charlie McDowell essentially turns the idea of a two-hander upside down and inside out.

    Variety Full Review
  • Richard Roeper

    Working from Justin Lader’s smart script, Moss and Duplass expertly portray a very typical couple going through a rocky time — and they’re just as effective when the weirdness kicks in during their getaway weekend.

    Chicago Sun-Times Full Review
  • Kate Erbland

    The film is brisk, funny, smart, and artful, a strong pairing of high concept and relatable storylines. Full Review
  • Betsy Sharkey

    Though the indie falls short of its grandest ambitions, it is inventive in constructing its conceits. As to Moss and Duplass? It's hard not to love them — for better or worse.

    Los Angeles Times Full Review
  • David Edelstein

    It’s Moss who takes the film to a higher, scarier level. After years of playing Peggy Olson on "Mad Men", she knows how to smile and nod and say one thing while obviously meaning the exact opposite, and when at last she unleashes the truth, it’s with demonic intensity. She turns subtext into horror-poetry.

    New York Magazine (Vulture) Full Review
  • Joe Neumaier

    To sing the praises of the movie but not give away the revelations is difficult. Let’s just say this: The less you know about what happens in this funny, tasty twisteroo, the better.

    New York Daily News Full Review
  • Michael O'Sullivan

    Duplass and Moss are so good, and their reactions to the frankly nutty circumstances of the film are so plausible, that the preposterous premise of the story hits home both conceptually and emotionally.

    Washington Post Full Review
  • Peter Keough

    Like other offbeat and original efforts such as Spike Jonze’s “Her,” Jonathan Glazer’s “Under the Skin,” and Richard Ayaode’s dour “The Double,” it juggles genres, reverses expectations, and resorts to fantasy in order to explore the enigmas of gender, identity, and love.

    Boston Globe Full Review
  • Sheila O'Malley

    Unabashedly entertaining at an efficient 91-minutes, The One I Love is an extremely confident first feature, with some really fun things to say about identity and relationship, connection and destiny. Full Review
  • Jeff Baker

    I liked The One I Love but if I had to choose between it and "Third Person," the Paul Haggis relationship movie that flirts with narrative in unconventional ways, I'd go back and watch "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." Now that's how it's done.

    Portland Oregonian Full Review
  • Mick LaSalle

    It's probably the only love story you'll see this decade that will make you half-expect the camera to swerve and pick up the sight of Rod Serling, standing there in a black suit.

    San Francisco Chronicle Full Review
  • Chris Nashawaty

    Charlie McDowell's romantic brainteaser is disarmingly clever — too clever to spoil. But it's also repetitive and a bit too Spike Jonze lite.

    Entertainment Weekly Full Review
  • Cory Everett

    Justin Lader’s screenplay is contained but also funny, emotionally honest and nails its pivot from the conventional to something much richer.

    The Playlist Full Review
  • Bill Goodykoontz

    The One I Love is an odd, unsettling and ultimately satisfying movie.

    Arizona Republic Full Review
  • Marjorie Baumgarten

    Unfortunately, someone (screenwriter Justin Lader, perhaps?) needed to improvise some kind of satisfying denouement because the film’s third act just collapses in on itself. The One I Love is imaginative and provocative until … until it isn’t.

    Austin Chronicle Full Review
  • Mike D'Angelo

    The ending is intended to be ambiguous, but it’s not too hard to guess what happened in advance, as it’s the only dramatically satisfying option. What’s no longer at all certain is what it means.

    The A.V. Club Full Review
  • Peter Travers

    If you survive that wrenching plot curve (some won't), you're in for an emotional workout. Knowing you've never seen anything like this, Moss and Duplass let it rip. You've been warned.

    Rolling Stone Full Review
  • Elise Nakhnikian

    The film gets too caught up in the semi-farcical comings and goings of the two Sophies and Ethans to explore any of the issues it raises about relationships very deeply.

    Slant Magazine Full Review
  • Manohla Dargis

    Mr. McDowell manages and massages the mystery, even while he forgets to do much with the camera except periodically have it chase after someone. He can be frustratingly inattentive to the visual possibilities offered by the story.

    The New York Times Full Review
  • Tomris Laffly

    The film delivers on its most crucial idea by being an inventive relationship dramedy with actors who handle the dual challenge thrown at them with distinguished poise.

    Time Out New York Full Review
  • Alan Scherstuhl

    Some of the surprise works, but the final gotcha won't getcha.

    Village Voice Full Review
  • Scott Tobias

    When it comes time to get to the bottom of what’s really going on, McDowell and Lader start losing the thread.

    The Dissolve Full Review
  • Todd McCarthy

    Duplass and Moss are put to the test to carry the film entirely on their shoulders and unquestionably carry it off... On the other hand, viewers will have widely disparate reactions to spending 90 uninterrupted minutes with these characters.

    The Hollywood Reporter Full Review
  • Kate Taylor

    Here’s a date movie that will neither cozily cheer you nor satisfyingly thrill you, but instead leave you scratching your head.

    The Globe and Mail (Toronto) Full Review
  • Kyle Smith

    Like many movies that premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, The One I Love has plenty of story — for a 30-minute TV episode, in this case of “The Twilight Zone.”

    New York Post Full Review
  • Andrew O'Hehir

    There’s nothing disgraceful about The One I Love, and if you’re just in the mood for a VOD time-waster, you could do worse. But despite the agreeable lead performances, it doesn’t quite repay your 90 lost minutes of life. Full Review
  • Matthew Kassel

    The One I Love, Charlie McDowell’s debut feature, can’t decide what kind of film it wants to be. Atonal and aimless, it zigzags clumsily from mood to mood, without any clear direction.

    New York Observer Full Review
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