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Eden and After

Drama . Fantasy . Horror

A group of French students are drawn into the psychological and sexual games of a mysterious Dutchman. Once they sample his "fear powder" the students experience a series of hallucinations.

Actors: Catherine Jourdan , Lorraine Rainer , Sylvain Corthay , Richard Leduc , Pierre Zimmer , Juraj Kukura , Jarmila Kolenicová , Catherine Robbe-Grillet , Ludovít Króner , Eva Luther
Directors: Alain Robbe-Grillet
Release: 1970-04-20
More Info:

  • allegory

  • nihilism

  • eroticism

  • painting

  • surrealism

  • torture

  • violence

  • avant garde

  • fantasy sequence

  • desert

  • death

  • coffee bar

  • female full frontal nudity

  • female rear nudity