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Endless Love

Drama . Romance

When beautiful Jade (Gabriella Wilde) meets charismatic David (Alex Pettyfer), her sheltered world of privilege is turned upside down as the pair's instant desire sparks a reckless summer love affair. While Jade leaves behind her inhibitions and innocence as she falls for David, he works to prove himself worthy of her love. But when David's mysterious past and Jade's overprotective father threaten to tear them apart, their romance will be put to the ultimate test.

Actors: Alex Pettyfer , Gabriella Wilde , Robert Patrick , Rhys Wakefield , Emma Rigby , Joely Richardson , Bruce Greenwood , Dayo Okeniyi , Anna Enger , Fabianne Therese
Directors: Shana Feste
Country: USA
Release: 2014-02-14
More Info:
  • Owen Gleiberman

    In the hands of director and co-writer Shana Feste (Country Strong), Endless Love has become a solidly engaging neo-'50s romantic melodrama.

    Entertainment Weekly Full Review
  • Randy Cordova

    If you had to update the film for the Instagram generation, you could do a lot worse than what director Shana Feste (“Country Strong”) has come up with. She has crafted a stylish, evocative journey into overheated-teenager territory. For a good chunk of the time, it works.

    Arizona Republic Full Review
  • Anna Smith

    A flowerier adaptation of the Scott Spencer romance than Zeffirelli's '80s version, it's tailor-made for the Nicholas Sparks crowd.

    Empire Full Review
  • Ignatiy Vishnevetsky

    The film also contains fleeting moments of authenticity. Most of these come courtesy of Robert Patrick, who plays David’s father, and Greenwood. Together, these two veteran actors turn could-be-thankless “good dad/bad dad” roles into credible depictions of wounded masculinity. Unfortunately, the movie isn’t about them.

    The A.V. Club Full Review
  • Christy Lemire

    It's awfully tasteful and emotionally detached in its blissed-out depiction of beautiful young people cavorting in the sunlight. Full Review
  • Bruce Ingram

    Love may or may not be endless, but there’s no limit to what can be contrived in a movie like this.

    Chicago Sun-Times Full Review
  • Kimber Myers

    It’s a movie-length cliché about the type of love that explains why drugstores are stocked with cheap, forgettable Valentine’s Day gifts bought by teenagers and the immature at heart.

    The Playlist Full Review
  • R. Kurt Osenlund

    Shana Feste's film seems blissfully unaware that great fights require truly substantial conflicts.

    Slant Magazine Full Review
  • Roger Moore

    Greenwood and Richardson make a fine, discordant couple and the young leads have a certain chemistry. If only Feste had realized she’d stripped almost all the conflict out of the story.

    McClatchy-Tribune News Service Full Review
  • Mike McCahill

    A certain doofy sincerity – all fairy lights and lakeside kisses – and Wilde's nervy, natural responses keep matters semi-watchable. As a romance, though, it's by-the-book.

    The Guardian Full Review
  • Betsy Sharkey

    Every time things between blue-collar David (Pettyfer) and pretty, privileged Jade (Wilde) get sticky — either kissy/gooey or teary/hurt-y — and the film could go deep, "Endless" morphs into music video territory.

    Los Angeles Times Full Review
  • Laremy Legel

    That it’s not totally dialed in throughout makes it a victim of the same thing most bad movies fall prey to: having the spark of a great idea rested awkwardly on top of a spinning mess of execution. Full Review
  • Todd McCarthy

    A highly homogenized and sanitized remake that's little better than its 1981 predecessor.

    The Hollywood Reporter Full Review
  • Peter Travers

    This Endless Love is a photo shoot, not a movie. It'd play better as a slideshow of jpgs. Even nine-year-old girls ought to cry foul on this movie's endless blandness.

    Rolling Stone Full Review
  • Claudia Puig

    What is most troubling is how this film can serve to shape perceptions for impressionable kids. Young girls and boys will think that non-stop make-out sessions is all it takes to sustain "endless love."

    USA Today Full Review
  • Peter Keough

    Though Zefferelli’s version was trashy and downright nuts, at least it made you feel the love. This pallid replay just seems endless.

    Boston Globe Full Review
  • Michael Phillips

    A movie just begging to go up in the flames of camp. If only somebody had brought a match.

    Chicago Tribune Full Review
  • Ronnie Scheib

    In “The Greatest” (2009) and “Country Strong” (2010), Feste proved herself quite skilled, if not especially innovative, at limning her characters’ emotional travails. But subtlety, complexity and even the slightest modicum of realism elude her here.

    Variety Full Review
  • Keith Phipps

    Pettyfer and Wilde look the parts, but any scenes asking them to emote quickly turn disastrous.

    The Dissolve Full Review
  • Phil Brown

    A film like Endless Love comes about as close to reality as a Hobbit sequel, only without a single dragon to remind impressionable viewers that they might not want to take it literally.

    The Globe and Mail (Toronto) Full Review
  • Stephanie Merry

    The movie feels like Nicholas Sparks fan fiction.

    Washington Post Full Review
  • Stephen Whitty

    This is supposed to be a movie about obsession. Instead it's just cupcake meets beefcake, with a big glass of milk on the side. And that's one Valentine's Day dinner you can easily pass up.

    Portland Oregonian Full Review
  • Peter Hartlaub

    The update is a different kind of failure, too much endless and not enough love.

    San Francisco Chronicle Full Review
  • Joe Williams

    This stinker is only good for endless laughs.

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch Full Review
  • Lou Lumenick

    Endlessly lame.

    New York Post Full Review
  • Mike Scott

    This is supposed to be a movie about obsession. Instead it's just cupcake meets beefcake, with a big glass of milk on the side. And that's one Valentine's Day dinner you can easily pass up.

    New Orleans Times-Picayune Full Review
  • Manohla Dargis

    Directed by Shana Feste (“Country Strong”), this new Endless Love doesn’t have enough going on to make it memorably terrible: Banality is its gravest sin.

    The New York Times Full Review
  • Elizabeth Weitzman

    If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day date, this version is probably a better choice than the uncomfortably swoony original would have been. You might be bored, but at least you won’t be embarrassed.

    New York Daily News Full Review
  • Heather Baysa

    This film is a sunny, overlong pastiche of tropes, the kind that suggest love involves nothing more than holding hands and jumping off a dock into a lake, or having slow, teary-eyed sex in front of a fireplace, inexplicably blazing in mid-June.

    Village Voice Full Review
  • Louis Black

    Not to harp on petty details, but this film is so colossally tone-deaf and off-key in every way that its collection of jarring missteps almost carries it into the arms of perverse comedy.

    Austin Chronicle Full Review
  • Trevor Johnston

    Pettyfer and Wilde (both Brits) look the part in a soft-drinks-commercial way, but their characters might as well be called Ken and Barbie for all the depth they bring to this wish-fulfilment fantasy of social mobility.

    Time Out London Full Review
  • David Edelstein

    It’s actually worse than the 1981 Franco Zeffirelli–Brooke Shields version — which is worse than being waterboarded but at least bears some resemblance to the book and its brilliantly addled ‘70s vibe.

    New York Magazine (Vulture) Full Review
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