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A Beautiful Mind

Biography . Romance . Drama

At Princeton University, John Nash struggles to make a worthwhile contribution to serve as his legacy to the world of mathematics. He finally makes a revolutionary breakthrough that will eventually earn him the Nobel Prize. After graduate school he turns to teaching, becoming romantically involved with his student Alicia. Meanwhile the government asks his help with breaking Soviet codes, which soon gets him involved in a terrifying conspiracy plot. Nash grows more and more paranoid until a discovery that turns his entire world upside down. Now it is only with Alicia's help that he will be able to recover his mental strength and regain his status as the great mathematician we know him as today..

Actors: Josh Lucas , Adam Goldberg , Paul Bettany , Christopher Plummer , Jennifer Connelly , Ed Harris , Russell Crowe , Judd Hirsch , Jason Gray-Stanford , Anthony Rapp
Directors: Ron Howard
Country: USA
Release: 2002-01-04
More Info:
  • Roger Ebert

    Crowe brings the character to life by sidestepping sensationalism and building with small behavioral details.

    Chicago Sun-Times Full Review
  • Edward Guthmann

    Inspiring and largely unsentimental, this is as much a love story as a tale of courage.

    San Francisco Chronicle Full Review
  • Peter Travers

    Sadly, Howard blands out in the final third, using old-age makeup and tear-jerking to turn a tough true story into something easily digestible. Until then, you'll be riveted.

    Rolling Stone Full Review
  • Robert Wilonsky

    It's everything most movies this year have not been: deeply felt, genuine, gracious.

    New Times (L.A.) Full Review
  • Marjorie Baumgarten

    So many things come together so beautifully in this movie based on the life of John Forbes Nash Jr. that you're likely to find yourself willing to benignly overlook its occasional biographical lapses and narrative sweetening.

    Austin Chronicle Full Review
  • Michael Wilmington

    Though the role might seem a real stretch for an actor who just won an Oscar for his Charlton Heston turn as Maximus in "Gladiator," he and the movie ace the test.

    Chicago Tribune Full Review
  • Jonathan Foreman

    Gripping, smart and moving, without falling prey to sentimentality, it shows what can be achieved when mainstream filmmakers like Howard and Goldsman are genuinely inspired and determined to be honest.

    New York Post Full Review
  • Mike Clark

    This is one inspiring movie despite extremely tricky subject matter -- better than "Shine" and among the most affecting ever made about co-existing with mental demons.

    USA Today Full Review
  • James Berardinelli

    The kind of expression of emotion that touches a deeper chord.

    ReelViews Full Review
  • Lawrence Toppman

    Howard has never been so grown-up in his handling of tough themes or so inventive in depicting states of mind. Goldsman has never been so down-to-earth or created so touching a character.

    Charlotte Observer Full Review
  • Lisa Schwarzbaum

    Crowe sometimes summons up one of the most powerful depictions of mental illness I have ever seen with barely an eyelid flicker separating manifestations of sickness from utterly sane displays of creative concentration.

    Entertainment Weekly Full Review
  • William Arnold

    It's an absorbing, progressively unsettling and ultimately very inspiring biographical reflection that, in the interest of creating its subject's internal landscape, plays some chilling tricks on its audience.

    Seattle Post-Intelligencer Full Review
  • David Edelstein

    As Nash gets closer to Crowe's own age (and level of dissipation), the performance settles down and becomes first credible and then overwhelming. This is a stupendous piece of acting.

    Slate Full Review
  • Todd McCarthy

    Consistently engrossing as an unusual character study and as a trip to the mysterious border-crossing between rarified brilliance and madness, this serious-minded but lively film is distinguished by an exceptional performance by Russell Crowe.

    Variety Full Review
  • Stephen Hunter

    A greatly ambitious undertaking, but from the commercial point of view quite insane. The movie is ridiculously fragile: It's like a Faberge egg, and even a twitch of foreknowledge will destroy the magic of the movie utterly.

    Washington Post Full Review
  • Lisa Alspector

    Director Ron Howard's deftness in suggesting the subjective experience of Crowe's character, who's later diagnosed with schizophrenia, makes for inspirational narrative.

    Chicago Reader Full Review
  • Jami Bernard

    This is another brilliant performance by Crowe, who is to body language what Meryl Streep is to accents.

    New York Daily News Full Review
  • Steven Rea

    What began as a bold and thrilling story descends into Hollywood cliché. But Crowe and Connelly's work rises above the mush. They make A Beautiful Mind go.

    Philadelphia Inquirer Full Review
  • Maitland McDonagh

    The success of this effect, which helps elevate the movie above a classy disease-of-the-week saga, rests firmly on Russell Crowe's performance, and it's a strikingly good and moving one.

    TV Guide Full Review
  • John Powers

    While I don't doubt that Howard's done the best he can, it's sad to see a beautiful mind whittled down by such a plain one.

    L.A. Weekly Full Review
  • Dennis Lim

    It's doubly frustrating that after flirting with (and even upending) biopic conventions for much of its length, A Beautiful Mind finally gives in to them so readily.

    Village Voice Full Review
  • Kenneth Turan

    There is more to admire in A Beautiful Mind than you might suspect, but less than its creators believe. When the film does succeed, it almost seems to do so despite itself.

    Los Angeles Times Full Review
  • Dana Stevens

    The movie can -- indeed, should -- be intellectually rejected, but you can't quite banish it from your mind.

    The New York Times Full Review
  • David Sterritt

    While it's a splendidly acted film, A Beautiful Mind is also a wasted opportunity.

    Christian Science Monitor Full Review
  • Kim Morgan

    Crowe understands what's interesting about Nash: He's not a feel-good figure. It's a pity the same can't be said for Howard.

    Portland Oregonian Full Review
  • Desson Thomson

    Instead of an originally conceived movie that reflects Nash's troubled but brilliant mind, we have one of those formulaically rendered Important Subject movies -- the kind that seem exclusively designed for Best Picture nominations.

    Washington Post Full Review
  • Ron Wells

    Aside from all the known material on public record the filmmakers chose not to use, Howard isn't even capable of believably bringing this off.

    Film Threat Full Review
  • Charles Taylor

    It's not just our emotions that are being played on here, it's not just our intelligence being insulted because of Ron Howard and Akiva Goldsman's presumption that we won't have any interest in a character whom it's not always possible to like. It's John Nash's life, being turned into an Oscar machine and an easy way to jerk tears. Full Review
  • Richard Schickel

    The result is mainstream moviemaking at its highest, most satisfying level.

    Time Full Review
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