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"Good Morning Miss Bliss" was about the life of Miss Carrie Bliss and her classmates. Her 8th grade students were Zack Morris, a charming, scheming boy, Lisa Turtle, a rich, fashionable girl, Samuel "Screech" Powers, an awkward nerd with a major crush on Lisa, Mikey Gonzalez, Zack's best friend who was often shy around girls, and Nicole "Nikki" Coleman, a smart, outspoken young girl who was good friends with Zack as well. The show also featured eccentric, quirky teacher, Miss Tina Palladrino, who was Miss Bliss' friend that she would often share her personal life with; Mr. Mylo Williams, the school maintenance supervisor who always followed the rules, and the principal, Mr. Richard Belding, who kept the school in line.

Episode Title: Stevie
Airs: 1989-03-04 at

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