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Cold Feet - (S06E04)

Drama . Comedy . Romance

Trying to prove his innocence, David (Robert Bathurst) realises that he may have his work cut out when his own wife, divorce Lawyer Robyn (Lucy Robinson) turns against him. Pete receives another blow when he arrives at work to see Harry. Already juggling a job, two kids and a depressed husband Jen's (Fay Ripley) facade finally slips when she is pulled to task by her sister, Shelia, over the care of their elderly mother. Is this the straw that breaks Jenny's back? Just as Karen (Hermione Norris) takes her relationship with Eddie (Art Malik) up a notch, a visit from a desperate David threatens to put the kibosh on it. Adam has relationship worries of a different kind when his wife becomes increasingly distant, almost incommunicado in fact. Pete notes that breakfast in bed is always a winner with Jen but that might not be so easy when the recipient is over six thousand miles away. So there he has it, a romantic breakfast over Skype. What could possibly go wrong?

Episode Title: Episode 4
Airs: 2016-09-26 at 21:00

  • part of the body in title

  • sex

  • friend

  • complicated relationships

  • thirty something

  • relationship