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Great British Menu - (S11E01)

Reality-TV . Reality

Creative culinary competition. The nation's top chefs are competing for the ultimate prize - the chance to cook at a banquet held at the Palace of Westminster, in celebration of everyday great Britons honoured by the Queen. In this episode, three top chefs from Scotland are out to impress this week's veteran judge and be crowned Scottish champion. Adam Handling, the youngest competitor, has already won a number of industry awards and is full of confidence. His starter sets out to take the diner on a tour of the UK's best producers. He is up against Aberdeen-born Michael Bremner, who now runs a restaurant in Brighton. Michael is hoping to impress with contemporary ingredients including birch sap and douglas fir oil. Ally McGrath, the only chef who is cooking in Scotland, is celebrating his nation's finest produce and making his very own version of haggis.

Episode Title: Scotland - Starter
Airs: 2016-08-29 at 19:30