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Great British Menu - (S11E31)

Reality-TV . Reality

Creative culinary competition. The nation's top chefs are competing for the ultimate prize - the chance to cook at a banquet held at the Palace of Westminster. Mini Patel is back for a second attempt at the north east regional title but he is competing against two young newcomers - Tommy Banks and Chris Archer. Last year, Mini went home after the dessert course, so he is hoping to keep better control of his nerves this year. Tommy Banks is 26, a self- taught chef who already has a Michelin star. He grew up on a farm in north Yorkshire and has brought many of his homegrown ingredients with him, including one the veteran judge confesses to hating. Chris Archer is another competitive young chef who is creating an entirely gold dish - hoping for a gold-star score as well.

Episode Title: North East - Starter
Airs: 2016-10-10 at 19:30