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Brief Encounters - (S01E05)


Three weeks later. The women are together at Pauline's house, Nita wants Steph to help at a party for her Aunt; Steph is still shaken up by recent party problems but she doesn't get the chance to turn it down. Dawn walks in with an epic hair-do for her wedding day, the women are taken aback but Dawn reassures them Russell is going to go mad for it. The next day Steph approaches Nita's Aunt Debs‘ flat with her kitbag, wondering if she can do it, but when Nita's uncle answers the door Steph panics and runs away. Steph tells Nita why she's lost her confidence. Nita feels terrible – why didn't Steph tell her or one of the girls or go to the police? Steph explains she feels guilty and stupid for not following the rules. Nita disagrees – it doesn't mean Steph is to blame. Steph arrives home to Terry – buoyant after being able to demonstrate at Nita's party. She tells him she's going to take action to report her previous problem; but Terry says she can't – he took care of it. Steph is furious. Steph is with Johnny as they sit in his car overlooking Sheffield. Johnny reassures Steph that the police are doing everything they can to find Richie but he also offers to ask a few mates in the Met. Johnny then tells Steph he has spoken to Pauline and she has made her negative feelings clear. But Steph reckons she change Pauline's mind; Johnny isn't so sure. After hours at the hairdressers, Dawn reveals her anxieties to Russell. The next day Pauline is getting ready for the wedding whilst Meatloaf and Cher's ‘Dead Ringer for Love' blares from Dawn's bedroom. Brian is not enjoying it at all. And where will everyone live, after the wedding?! Steph, dressed for the wedding, arrives at Barry's house to pick up a jacket for Terry to borrow. She tenses up when Lisa appears and Barry announces something that rocks Steph's world. Over at Nita's, Dougie arrives to rub salt in Kieren's wound about his son; when Dougie twigs the details of their father/son problem he finds it hilarious, much to Nita's distress. At the registry office Steph tells Terry some home truths. Later at the Maythorpe Pub, Johnny is playing a pools tournament when Pauline and the rest of the wedding party walk in to the pub. He attempts to leave, but his colleagues won't let him – he's their secret weapon against the other team. Brian is at the bar as Kieren and Nita approach. Brian hesitates as he tries to place Kieren. Johnny bumps into Pauline at the bar where she attempts to blank him. Brian's ‘father of the bride' speech brings a tear to his eye as he confesses Dawn and Stanley have become family to him. After the speech, Dawn's real father, Len arrives at the pub - but is he here to make amends or cause trouble? Angry, Johnny approaches Steph – he's unhappy with her meddling. Johnny's gaze shifts to see that Terry enter the pub - he seems to be on the warpath. Meanwhile Dawn is chuffed to bits when all the women give her a wedding gift for which they've all clubbed together. At the pool table, Johnny is watching Steph as Nita approaches him; when she tells him that Steph is worth fighting for her words seeming to resonate. Terry approaches Steph and they fall into an argument, Terry is furious and storms out. Whilst a tearful Hellie has an unexpected heart to heart with Dawn in the Ladies, Steph and Johnny have a moment outside the pub. Terry spots the two of them together and reacts in a way that does not bode well for anyone involved. Later, back inside, Pauline bumps into Johnny and tells him untruths about Steph's feelings for him, desperate to protect herself and Brian. Johnny leaves and Pauline spins a web of deceit around Steph too. Nita is at home when she hears the back door opening. She calls out to Kieren. Could it be Richie? After a tumultuous evening, Steph makes her way to the police station. She needs to see Johnny.

Episode Title: Episode 5
Airs: 2016-08-01 at 21:00