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Action . Sci-Fi & Fantasy . Comedy . Family

Tasha takes the entire family on a nice 'tech free' beach weekend in the RV, but when Davenport discovers a solar flare headed in the Earth's direction, he secretly enlists the help of the Lab Rats. While Davenport distracts Tasha, the trio is forced to wait in the RV-turned portable lab for their rocket launch window. Cooped up inside during their first summer vacation, Leo and the gang sneak out for a quick jaunt on the boardwalk but when they return the RV is gone.

Episode Title: Dude, Where's My Lab
Airs: 2012-07-16 at 19:30

  • smart kid

  • sitcom

  • sci-fi comedy

  • young teens

  • teenager

  • talking computer

  • artificial intelligence

  • superhero

  • secret laboratory

  • interracial marriage

  • scientist

  • superpower