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Blå ögon - (S01E06)

Thriller . Mystery . War & Politics . Drama

Part 6 of 10. The murder of the social care manager, Pia Grandin Kimayo, turns the election campaign upside down. Now it is clear that Sweden has a Nazi terrorist cell. The Security Party still continues its election campaign as if nothing had happened. At the Justice Department, Elin is forced cooperate with the person she trusts the least of all, Rebekah Lundström. Sofia becomes closer Mattias when they go off to do away with Pia Grandin Kimayos body.

Episode Title: Mina föräldrars lögner
Airs: 2015-01-11 at 21:00

  • murder

  • politician

  • xenophobia

  • extremism

  • intrigue

  • government

  • election campaign

  • prime minister

  • terrorist cell

  • corruption

  • political plot

  • power

  • election

  • terrorism

  • politics