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Blå ögon - (S01E04)

Thriller . Mystery . War & Politics . Drama

Part 4 of 10. There is frantic activity before the election campaign, the first debate between party leaders and Elin hardly has time to think about Sarah's disappearance. But she gets a call that changes everything. In Uddevalla Sofia occupies more and more of her time on the xenophobic forums. She adds the information about the terrorist attacks that she had received, in confidence, from Mattias. Something which attracts Veritas' attention. Sofia is becoming a serious problem.

Episode Title: Flyttfåglar
Airs: 2014-12-21 at 21:00

  • murder

  • politician

  • xenophobia

  • extremism

  • intrigue

  • government

  • election campaign

  • prime minister

  • terrorist cell

  • corruption

  • political plot

  • power

  • election

  • terrorism

  • politics