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Blå ögon - (S01E10)

Thriller . Mystery . War & Politics . Drama

Part 10 of 10. After the attack on the stock exchange and murder inside Rosenbad, it is a devastated Sweden who go to the polls. Both the Security Party and the Coalition are concerned about the election results. Elin and Gunnar are struggling to put the final pieces of the puzzle together and uncover the conspiracy. Meanwhile, Simon tries to return to the life he left behind in Uddevalla, but the past makes itself felt when Sophia comes back.

Episode Title: En söndag i september
Airs: 2015-02-08 at 21:00

  • murder

  • politician

  • xenophobia

  • extremism

  • intrigue

  • government

  • election campaign

  • prime minister

  • terrorist cell

  • corruption

  • political plot

  • power

  • election

  • terrorism

  • politics