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Family Finders - (S02E02)


Belinda O'Brien discovered an old letter from a mysterious relative in Peru. From here, she embarked on some detective work which revealed a South American side of her family. Belinda finally made contact with her cousin, Rosemary, who had been raised in Peru. Now Rosemary's son, Alex, is coming over to London to meet his English Aunt Belinda for the first time. The programme also meets Barbara Cohen, who grew up as an only child in the Jewish community of east London after the Second World War. Barbara was introduced to an older half-sister, Sybil, just once as a young child but never saw her again. Many years later, Barbara set about trying to trace Sybil. Research revealed that Barbara's father had been married before - to a Christian woman. This interfaith marriage was frowned upon, and their young daughter Sybil was ostracised by the local Jewish community.

Episode Title: Episode 2
Airs: 2016-05-24 at 11:00