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Family Finders - (S02E12)


Brothers Fred and Jimmy O'Donnell spent 80 years apart. Their mother gave birth out of wedlock, first to Jimmy, who was placed in an orphanage, and later to Fred, who grew up in a Catholic boy's institution. Both boys grew up completely unaware of each other's existence. The question of what became of his mother played on Fred's mind, and Fred's daughter made it her mission to help. Her search reveals a tragic story but also uncovers that her dad had a brother. Tessa and Jan's father died when they were young. They found out that their mother and father had been divorced before he died and that he had been in a relationship with another woman, called Rosemary. As well as this, soon after their father died, Rosemary had given birth to twins. After a conversation at a party revealed the twins' existence, Tessa and Jan meet with them to exchange photographs and memories.

Episode Title: Episode 12
Airs: 2016-06-08 at 11:00