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Family Finders - (S02E11)


In WWII, thousands of British soldiers were declared missing, presumed dead, only to return to their families. In some cases their wives had started new relationships and had children, only to then give them up for adoption when their husbands returned. Maureen Cooper was adopted as a young girl when her father unexpectedly came back. Her search for her birth mother led her to a sister who had unfortunately died by the time she was traced, but Maureen has since met up with her newly discovered nieces and nephews. We also meet Wendy Stringer, whose mother was with a new partner and pregnant when her husband returned, having been declared missing. When the baby boy was born, he was found a new home, and it was only after her father's death that Wendy felt she could try to trace him. Wendy's husband took up the search and eventually found her half-brother, John, online.

Episode Title: Episode 11
Airs: 2016-06-07 at 11:00