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Despite begging the doctors for medicine and even the chance to see her daughter, Kath is refused on every count.As he syphons supplies from the edge of town, Homer follows a convoy back to the showgrounds. He watches as the Maxwell and Linton families are locked inside the same cage as Kevin, destined to be relocated.After all they have suffered and lost, Homer returns to the rebel group, determined to take the fight back to the enemy. He plans to destroy Cobblers Bay Bridge, which is not only the key to the enemy's supply chain in Wirrawee, but the only pass they can use to relocate their families. Ellie watches as Homer and a changed, determined and stronger Fi, leave to investigate a potential fuel source.Umar is determined to kill the Colonel one way or another. In a moment of solitude, he steals an antenna from a nearby vehicle outside his restaurant; he has a plan. Meanwhile the Colonel has discovered the location of Hell.Having narrowly escaped capture, the group set out their plan to destroy Cobblers Bay Bridge. There is no time to waste. If they wait any longer, their families will be out of their reach for good.

Episode Title: Episode 6
Airs: 2016-05-28 at 19:30