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Mystery . Drama . Action & Adventure . Action . Adventure

Corrie clings to life in the Wirrawee hospital, with a distraught Kath by her side. With Kevin now in their custody, the enemy has one goal: find and destroy the remaining rebels.Meanwhile Ellie enlists the help of the remaining group and puts a plan into action to rescue Corrie.Jack believes escape from the prison might be possible and has identified a weakness in the fencing. Despite Rachel's protests,everyone else is on board with his plan.In order to gain his trust, Rachel offers the Colonel a deal. Give Corrie the medical treatment she needs and Rachel will inform him of an escape attempt. An immediate crackdown on security at the prison reveals Jack's weak spot. Though at first the others are furious about her apparent betrayal, Rachel gives Kath her daughter's medical chart. Corrie is going to be ok.In light of the escape attempt, the Colonel addresses the prison crowd, accusing them of being uncooperative. Wounded and barely able to stand, Kevin is dragged out before them. If the prisoners don't provide information on the rebels, the Colonel will punish Kevin.Ellie and Lee sneak into the hospital and find Corrie. She is alive, speaking, but her mind is slow and she is heavily drugged. To their horror, Corrie flatlines and as the doctors rush in to try and save her, Ellie and Lee are forced to run. The soldiers at the hospital give chase. The plan is falling apart.

Episode Title: Episode 5
Airs: 2016-05-21 at 19:30