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Bargain Shop Wars - (S01E02)


This episode follows the drama, comedy and fancy footwork as Pep & Co launch their first ever sale.With almost one thousand items priced at one pound or under they still take the bold decision to slash prices by up to 70%, but will it be enough to lure customers away from their bargain retail rivals?There's bad news in Bolton, just a few months after opening the store is failing to attract the savvy shoppers of the town. It's down to the company's youngest manager Beth to think smart and act fast to save her store. And in the fast paced world of fast fashion the buying team make a costly mistake and order thirty thousand of the wrong jumpers. Will they find a way to shift their bad buy or will it be a costly mistake for the fledgling company?

Episode Title: The Good, the Bad & the Thrifty
Airs: 2016-04-21 at 20:30