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Nick takes note that Taylor seems revitalized and suggests to her that maybe her panic attack of the previous day was a good thing: it brought some ugly things to the surface so that she could deal with them. Later, Brooke pays Taylor an unwanted visit and discovers that she has poured vodka into her coffee. Brooke takes baby Jack and rushes out of the house. Elsewhere, Donna tells Katie that she tried to break things up with Eric but couldn't. Donna explains her tactic: she told Eric she was a sex addict. Donna expresses how touched she was that Eric forgave her; but Katie suggests that perhaps a woman's sex addiction is not a turn-off for a man. Katie comes up with a plan. She stages it so that Eric will catch Donna and Jake Maclaine in a compromising position.

Episode Title: Thurs Jan 17 2008
Airs: 2008-01-17 at 13:30