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Nick tells Brooke that he still loves her, but she is relieved when he adds that he is still committed to his marriage with Taylor. But then he appalls her by stating his intention to tell Taylor how he feels about Brooke. Meanwhile, Brooke is the subject of Taylor's hallucination. The Brooke in her mind taunts her over the fact that she stole Ridge from her and declares that she'll steal Nick and her baby as well. Dr. Warwick does his best to help Taylor through her mental crisis. Elsewhere, Rick confides in his sister, Bridget, about his concerns for Taylor's well-being. Bridget, for her part, is worried that her friendship with Taylor is forever ruined, thanks to her mistake in the lab that caused Brooke's egg to be implanted in Taylor's womb, resulting in baby Jack, the son of both Brooke and Taylor

Episode Title: Ep #1.5244
Airs: 2008-02-07 at 13:30