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Donna tells Katie what she did. Instead of breaking things off with Eric, she told Eric the truth. She told him that Stephanie is blackmailing her to stay away from him. Katie is horrified. This means that Stephanie is going to turn Storm over to the police. But Donna tells her that Eric plans to fool Stephanie. He'll tell her that he's broken off with Donna and wants to come back to her. Katie scoffs, knowing that Stephanie is no fool. Later, Eric calls Donna on his disposable phone and tells her his ruse worked. Stephanie believes that Eric wants her back. Elsewhere, Taylor lashes out at Rick, suspecting that he wants to sabotage her marriage to Nick in order to get Nick and Brooke together (thus breaking Ridge and Brooke apart). Later, Taylor surprises Nick with the idea of a dinner party for Ridge and Brooke. But it seems she has a hidden agenda.

Episode Title: Episode #1.5238
Airs: 2008-01-30 at 13:30