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Jackie walks in on Taylor as she is in the process of doing some housecleaning. She finds Massimo's old ties, "Stephanie's Academy Award" and more junk. But Taylor's real purpose is to find anything related to Brooke and get rid of it. Jackie reminds Taylor that Nick and Brooke never lived in that house. If Taylor feels Brooke's presence it's all in her own mind. Later, Rick stops by with a Christmas present. Rick meets baby Jack and calls him the "spitting image" of his mother, little guessing about the egg donor mix-up. Taylor immediately imagines that she sees Brooke in the room and then has a panic attack in front of Rick. After she calms down, she tells Rick that a mix-up in the fertility lab resulted in Brooke becoming the egg donor for Jack. Meanwhile, Bridget catches Brooke and Nick in a coffee shop holding hands. She confronts them, and they claim they were just talking.

Episode Title: Tues Jan 22 2008
Airs: 2008-01-22 at 13:30