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The Logan family rejoices after the charges against Stephen Logan have been dropped. Not only that, but Stephanie has agreed not to tell the police who the real shooter was: Storm. Storm thinks she is doing it out of the kindness of her heart; but he doesn't know Stephanie very well. She is getting something in return, namely Donna's word that she'll break up with Eric. In fact, Stephanie confronts Donna over why she hasn't broken things off yet. Donna tells her she has tried. In fact, she told Eric that she was a sex addict, but he still wouldn't agree to break up with her. Stephanie laughs contemptuously and tells Donna their relationship had better be over by the time she gets back from Chicago. Later, Brooke happens to run into Nick at Insomnia.

Episode Title: Friday Jan 11 2008
Airs: 2008-01-11 at 13:30