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Sporting heroes Donovan Bailey, Gareth Thomas, Iwan Thomas and James Toseland are in India to discover the spiritual world of ‘Kalaripayattu', a fierce fighting system, said to be the root of all martial arts.The hot weather, crowds, and spicy food are a culture shock for former rugby captain Gareth, who is used to the Welsh countryside.They travel to Calicut, an industrial city home to one of India's most famous fighting schools, where they will train for a week in three key disciplines before going head to head with each other.The mix of acrobatic moves and lethal weaponry requires extreme agility, precision and control. With the disappointment of his last two tasks, Donovan pledges to give it his all and see the challenge through.They will be judged by a panel of Kalari masters and the winner will be the best in movement, stick fighting and stick and shield combat. But who will master the martial art and be crowned the champion?

Episode Title: Episode 3
Airs: 2016-04-17 at 20:00