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American Grit - (S01E07)


WWE Superstar John Cena informs the remaining contestants that they will need to be mentally and physically prepared to dive right into their next mission at any point, because the next evolution will not be scheduled. Additionally, this will mark the first time that the cadre leaders will not be allowed to accompany their teams during the first half of their evolution, after the competitors are led to a secret location and challenged to navigate through a series of check points, while carrying a heavy case and weighted backpack. With an interesting balance of teams left in the game, only one team will outshine the rest during the evolution and be safe from facing "The Circus". Up to a million dollars of prize money is at stake, and these competitors will work together with only two options: to persevere and win or give up, "ring out" and go home.

Episode Title: Dawn Patrol
Airs: 2016-05-26 at 21:00
  • Mark A. Perigard

    [Host John Cena is] smart and he’s funny when he goes off-script. He gives American Grit its shot at glory.

    Boston Herald Full Review
  • Daniel D'Addario

    There’s a certain flair in the way Cena speaks, fluently, the language of military veterans. Better still, there’s genuine grace in the way he lets the veterans themselves do most the talking.

    Time Full Review
  • Brian Lowry

    Cena brings energy and earnestness to the hosting chores, as do the mentors. Yet barring audiences forging some unforeseen bond with the by-the-numbers competitors, American Grit seems too familiar and derivative.

    Variety Full Review
  • Ken Tucker

    American Grit is sluggishly paced, and plays like one of those weeks on Survivor when everyone is just waiting for the visit from their “loved ones” so they can cry and hug a little before the next test of strength.

    Yahoo TV Full Review