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Unreported World - (S2016E06)


Krishan Guru-Murthy travels to Israel to reveal how tens of thousands of Holocaust survivors are spending their final days living in poverty, struggling to afford basics such as food and heating, despite the German government paying around 90 billion dollars since the end of the World War II in reparations linked to Holocaust survivors across the world. There are about half a million survivors, some 200,000 living in Israel, and compared with the wider population of elderly people, Holocaust survivors are more likely to live in poverty. Many are dependent on help from volunteers, and the suicide rate among survivors is three times that of the wider old-age population. Since shortly after World War II, the German government has paid billions of dollars to an international body, the Claims Conference, which uses the money to help survivors across the world.

Episode Title: The Forgotten Holocaust Survivors
Airs: 2016-04-22 at 19:30