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Drama . Documentary

Speed junkie, motorcycle racer and lorry mechanic Guy Martin takes on a series of three adrenaline-fuelled challenges in this brand new series. To do this, Guy must harness cutting-edge science, learn new skills and call on the support of some of the unsung heroes of British industry, using the best of our design and engineering talent. In this first episode, Guy heads to the USA to enter the fastest road race on the planet; the Nevada Open Road Challenge. Each year, Highway 318 is closed for one day in May for a time trial which sees an array of race spec supercars driving flat out for 90 miles through the desert. Rather than compete in a supercar or purpose built racing machine, Guy wants to enter in his much loved three-year-old Ford Transit van. The only problem is, having been involved in a road crash, his van is currently a write-off.

Episode Title: Episode 1
Airs: 2016-09-04 at 20:00