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Episode four begins with president Obama's decision to launch the special operation into Pakistan, to catch Osama Bin Laden. Former CIA director Leon Panetta describes how Obama decides to go ahead despite odds no better than 50:50 and the strong misgivings of top advisors. As his re-election campaign gears up, Obama has to make a tough choice on contraception - whether to side with the Catholic bishops, or health secretary Kathleen Sebelius and feminist activists. Obama chooses the women and they contribute to his convincing election victory. But soon after his re-election, America is shocked by the Sandy Hook massacre. The families of the victims and senior advisor Valerie Jarrett recall the president's attempts to strengthen gun legislation but they are defeated by the gun lobby. Obama's other ambitious reforms fared no better.

Episode Title: The Arc of History
Airs: 2016-04-05 at 21:00