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Slasher - (S01E02)

Drama . Horror . Mystery . Thriller

A woman becomes en-snarled in copycat killings that have similarities to her parents' murders.

Episode Title: Digging Your Grave With Your Teeth
Airs: 2016-03-04 at 22:00
  • Isaac Feldberg

    Martin’s experience working on teenage soaps is on full display in scenes involving some of the Waterbury residents, and the writer’s attempts to bring texture and complexity to each of them comes up a little short given how performances generally fall across the sudsy spectrum of horror movie clichés.

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  • Keith Uhlich

    The two installments made available for review are a mishmash overall, swinging frequently between the inspired and the inept, especially in terms of writing and performance.

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  • deadly sins

  • jealousy

  • infidelity

  • betrayal

  • artist

  • prison

  • friendship

  • father daughter relationship

  • husband wife relationship

  • female nudity

  • murder

  • anthology

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