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Scrappers - (S02E04)


Lyndsay has persuaded Terry to bring in a management consultant - he's sceptical but promises to be all ears. The consultant gets the grand tour and then chats to the lads. He advises Terry to praise the staff more - it's hard, but he tries. Meeting - and listening to - supervisors Chris, Dave 'Dotcom' and Lee also takes Terry out of his comfort zone.Over the next week, things start running better and Terry chills out - until a friendly prank by a neighbouring yard results in everyone being showered in white powder. The yard is a total mess but that's not the worst of it. Head of HR Dave Dotcom has heard someone has been drinking on site and finds empty beer cans in Chris's coat. It is not Chris's first offence - last time Terry sacked him.It's a big test of Terry's new management approach. He gets Dave to buy a breathalyser to test Chris - it's positive. Terry and Chris have a difficult conversation, but he doesn't sack him. After taking advice from the management consultant, Terry brings in random drink testing. Things settle down and the lads are working well, including Chris, who is selected to take the breathalyser. He passes.There's one bit of unfinished business - Terry leads a surprise attack on the neighbouring yard with paint grenades and - Lyndsay's idea - pillows. Revenge is sweet. Terry has got the yard working better - and he's not lost his sense of fun.

Episode Title: The Leopard's Spots
Airs: 2016-03-22 at 22:00