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On Assignment - (S03E07)


Fronted by Rageh Omaar, ITV News's award-winning team of specialist journalists contribute in-depth reports from around the world and the stories behind the headlines. The following reports will air in this programme: AUSTRIA – James Mates Could Austria become the first European country since World War II to democratically elect a far-right president? The polls show Norbert Hofer neck-and-neck with progressive opponent Alexander Van Der Bellen, who won the presidential election in May by a slim margin. Hofer's hopes have been reignited after the country's constitutional court decided to annul the election outcome after irregularities in the process were revealed and has now set a re-run for November. James Mates travels to Vienna and the surrounding countryside to explore the opposing perspectives dividing Austrian society. Could this lead the country to be the next member state to turn its back on the European Union? TANZANIA – John Ray In Tanzania on Africa's east coast, criminal gangs are increasingly using explosives to stun and kill fish - allowing easy collection and larger hauls. Yet their methods are having a devastating effect on the local ecosystem and entail potentially fatal consequences for the fishermen involved. Records reveal that there have been 8,700 explosions in just 14 months, resulting in thousands of metres of East Africa's most pristine coral reefs being destroyed. John Ray travels to the markets of Tanzania where dynamite is freely available and meets a fisherman who lost his hands to this dangerous and destructive practice. ESTONIA: SPLIT BY A BORDER - Simon Harris The Seto people in South East Estonia are one of the last folk cultures in Europe and are fighting to preserve their unique way of life. Simon Harris visits them on one of their most important religious holidays where they feast on the graves of their ancestors. Dressed in brightly coloured clothes, the Setos perform their traditional polyphonic songs, a tradition so prized it's protected by UNESCO. But the Seto culture is under threat as the border with Russia runs directly through their homeland, splitting their community and forcing many Setos to disperse across Estonia. With their numbers dwindling, the future of this small community hangs in the balance.

Episode Title: Episode 7
Airs: 2016-09-27 at 22:40