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In this brand new episode, magician Kevin Duffy from Shropshire battles it out with complimentary therapist Helen Speakman from Carlisle and lecturer Amber Elba -Pawsey from Bury St Edmunds. Kevin hopes his magic wand will create an illusion when it comes to serving up his cakeless fishcakes! Amber has issues when she has to tackle her memorable guest Tim Ryman's mango chicken with carrots boiled in orange squash. Amber decides to use the orange squash in a few different ways - but will the risk pay off? Helen gets into the Spanish spirit when she is tasked with making Paella - so much so she asks for castanets! The dessert challenge turns out to be a messy one, and when Kevin presents his on a cheese grater, Michelin star chef Glynn is stunned. But will it be good enough to take him through to the final for a chance to take the crown of champion?

Episode Title: Episode 4
Airs: 2016-09-08 at 12:05