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Lucha Underground - (S01E31)

Action . Drama . Sport

Music provided by Los Rayobacks Dario Cueto starts the show in the ring to announce the event so big it will be called Ultima Lucha in 8 weeks. To determine who will challenge for the title, four men who have fought Prince Puma in the past for the title will have a four-way match for the title shot at Ultima Lucha. The contenders are Hernandez, King Cuerno, Cage and Fenix. Cueto mockingly says he forgot Fenix was sent to an early grave by Mil Muertes so it will be a three-way instead. Cueto then welcomes back Blue Demon, who comes out in a suit. He tells Blue Demon if he expects to make it to Ultima Lucha we need to make sure he doesn't have "ring rust". So Blue Demon will be in a match right now. Blue Demon Jr vs Chavo Guerrero Jr (with the Crew) in an anything goes match Chavo taunts Black Lotus who's in a cage next to Cueto's brother Drago confronts Cueto in the men's room, he wants the opportunity Cueto offered to any man that has faced Prince Puma for the title and that includes him. Cueto agrees and gives Drago the fourth spot in tonight's match The Disciples of Death (with Catrina) vs Mascarita Sagrada, Pimpinela Escarlata and Bengala Cueto discusses business with Johnny Mundo. Next week's title match between Johnny and Prince Puma will be an 'All Night Long' match (iron man match for the whole show) Cage vs King Cuerno vs Hernandez vs Drago in a four-way match for the title shot at Ultima Lucha Catrina appears in Cueto's office to demand to know why Cueto has stood in Mil Muertes' way. Mil Muertes has never had a title shot and he wants one. Cueto is then forced to give Mil a shot at the man who just earned the match at Ultima Lucha for that title opportunity. That match will take place in a few weeks.

Episode Title: The Desolation of Drago
Airs: 2015-06-10 at 20:00