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Sesame Street - (S46E08)

Family . Comedy . Animation

Sesame Street is a widely recognized and perpetually daring experiment in educational children's programming. This show has taken popular-culture and turned it upside-down. The fast-paced advertisements that had parents of the new era worrying for their children were the basis for the original format of this show. The show has often satirized pop culture, and made itself easier for parents to watch along too. And thus, the positive impact this show has had on modern society is beyond another. No show is more recognized the world over by as many generations and walks of life. Shown in its original format or with changes to reflect a regional education focus, Sesame Street is now seen in over 140 countries. The show that Entertainment Weekly named the "20th Best Ever Show" has changed the education scene to focus on "entertainment". This has turned out to be a valuable theory that not only...

Episode Title: When Dinosaurs Walked Sesame Street
Airs: 2016-02-27 at 09:00
  • Amy Amatangelo

    The shorter running time is a little disconcerting, and the ending of the episode feels abrupt. But children are also adaptable, often far more adaptable than adults. So even if these changes throw them off, it should be only temporary. Because almost everything we knew and loved about Sesame Street is there.

    The Hollywood Reporter Full Review

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