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The Getaway Car - (S02E01)


Dermot O'Leary returns to host another episode of The Getaway Car. In an action-packed competition, five couples will undertake a series of driving challenges with the odd quiz question thrown in for good measure.Not for the faint-hearted, the couples will undertake obstacle courses, high-speed circuits and off-road challenges in a multitude of cars, ranging from 4x4 race buggies to high powered supercars. Facing the course this week are sporty and competitive couple Dan and Emily from Worthing - who split up for a while during their teenage years. Dan mended his broken heart by throwing darts at a photo of Emily. Let's hope there's no repeat… Nick and Malina from Blackpool combine action-man heroics with beauty and poise but they are going to need more than that to see them to the final. Also putting their driving skills to the test are mother and son - Shirley and Lee as well as real life Fireman Sam and his co-driver, the less well-known, Fireman Jim, who are rather surprisingly scared of heights and claustrophobic. Finally, describing themselves as 'big-hearted big kids' best friends Dom and Tess are going to have to get serious and grown-up if they want to face the Stig and win £10,000.

Episode Title: Episode 1
Airs: 2016-07-02 at 18:40