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Jericho - (S01E02)


Just as Annie (Jessica Raine) and her family are starting to put recent events behind them, Bamford (Mark Addy), the railway detective hired by Charles (Daniel Rigby) to find out who sabotaged his viaduct, returns to Jericho looking for Red Killeen. Bamford is now certain that Red was behind the explosion and wants him tracked down and punished. With Bamford sniffing around, Annie, Johnny (Hans Matheson) and George (Sam Bottomley) are terrified that their deadly secret will be exposed. In her desperation to protect George, Annie unwittingly opens the door for Bamford to get a step closer to her family and to the truth. When George goes missing it looks like Annie’s best-laid plans have backfired. Annie has to find George before his disappearance draws unwanted attention their way.

Episode Title: Episode 2
Airs: 2016-01-14 at 21:00