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Bedrag - (S01E01)

Thriller . Drama . Crime

The researcher Mads called out to a washed ashore near a wind farm. Immediately similar case a banal accident, but the case draws threads far into Energreen - one of the largest and most successful energy companies. Listener Greens director is the charismatic Sander, and behind the scenes working hard the young jurist Claudia to advance in the company. The former car thief, mechanic Nicky, working on his wife's father workshop. He has put the crime behind him for boyfriends of guilt but his new colleague Bimse deadlines Nicky with the prospect of quick money.

Episode Title: Episode 1
Airs: 2016-01-01 at 20:00

  • police investigation

  • danish police

  • white collar crime

  • lawyer

  • sclerosis

  • police

  • ceo

  • renewable energy

  • one word title

  • police detective

  • ex con

  • ex convict

  • corporate lawyer

  • single parent

  • cover up

  • insider trading

  • mechanic

  • white collar

  • corporate crime

  • greed

  • capitalism

  • denmark